So what can we do for you?

Well, we’re comfortable working in the air, on the ground, on the road, off the road, heck, just about anywhere you can go, we can film you there. We use a variety of vehicles and traditional cameras to deliver amazing ultra high-resolution videos for a whole ton of creative uses.

What can you use us for? The possibilities are almost endless. We’re seeing more and more uses, from advertising and entertainment to real estate and scientific research. With the use of drones you can capture shots that weren’t possible before as well as getting completely new perspectives, you know, from up in the air. With our full scale gear, we can produce traditional cinematic looks or realize your most advanced ideas.


Our Aircam RAW are developed in-house, its a fine-tuned super light weight work horse thats delivers every time. We have tons and tons of traditional photographic experience and over ten years of aerial experience, and our pilots are among the best in the world. At the end of the day, it means that our experience and talent combine to ensure that you get an amazing result each and every time.


In cooperation with Bluesky crewed by experienced pilots and operators. We are leaders in stabilized filming in Scandinavia, regardless of platform.

The GSS C520 – it takes any camera and lens, ideal for Features and Commercials or Live broadcast. Red EpicDragon/Weapon, Arri Alexa, Arri 65, Sony F55, Canon 500 etc.

Lenses: Angenieux DP 25-250mm,18-80mm, Canon 30-300mm, Canon 50-1000mm etc. Change of camera and lenses takes but 30 minutes.

Our network have shot aerials for Oscar nominated films Kon-Tiki and The Hypnotist, and also David Finchers’ Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Alexandre Castagnettis, Le Grimoire D’Arkandias, Kang Je-Gyu’s ”My Way” and Paul Feig’s “Spy.”

It takes but 30 minutes to change to a HD live camera setup:

Vasaloppet, HH Crown Princess Wedding, Asian Winter Games, European Athletics, Ski World Cup Oslo, WRC Rally and the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi are just some of the events we have filmed.

Gyro systems outstanding for other platforms such as: Helicopter, boat, car, wire och crane. A cost effective solution for your productions

Peter Degerfeldt IMDB – Daniel Casselby IMDBPatrik Johall IMDB

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Do you need camera car shots for your project? We can offer different vehicles and camera gyro solutions. which suits both large and small productions.
From hi speed cars to ATVs.