Aircam Drone Services provides close-range aerial cinematography for customers around the world in a variety of industries.

But what we really are is photographers and cinematographers who have a burning love for some rather expensive and very technical toys. Cinematographers who love gadgets and flying and taking insanely good pictures from the air. Or wherever.

We build or customize most of our gear ourselves, basing design and modifications on our over 20 years of  flying experience and even deeper photography know-how. The result is a range of products and solutions that are capable of lifting and carrying advanced photographic set-ups with extreme dependability, ruggedness, and stability.

Aircam’s gear may be powered by batteries (or JetA1) but those behind the gear are driven by passion. We love what we do and it shows. Our experience and dedication to both photography and flying result in a level of service and quality that is hard to find. In addition, tinkerers as we are, we can’t help but messing about with the tech toys. Our design & development department produces aerial platforms and camera gimbals to meet the high requirements of aerial on-location shooting, both today and tomorrow.

We are certified to fly professional UAS operations and never do anything to endanger the safety of those involved in our work or anyone else who happens to be nearby.





Blue Sky

Our friend Peter Degerfeldt, a DoP and true aerial cinematography specialist.

Blue Sky & Aircam  serve the market with gyro stabilized products. What ever format or system, we will ensure the right tool.

We are leaders in aerial & stabilized filming with office in Stockholm and Borås, Sweden and Oslo, Norway.


Production gear rental

Stockholm, Sweden

Dagsljus was founded in 1991 and is today one of Northern Europe’s leading rental house for feature films, commercials and TV production. We supply the whole range of services and equipment for your production; film cameras, HD cameras, video cameras, lights, sound, cranes and dollies.




  • Patrik Johäll
  • D.O.P. / Camera /Pilot
  • Daniel Casselby
  • CEO /Pilot / Engineer
  • Andreas Nilsson
  • D.O.P. / Camera
  • Markus Wetterberg
  • D.O.P. / Camera
  • Peter Degerfeldt
  • D.O.P. / Camera