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So what is Aircam?

Well, the tame version is that Aircam is an aerial cinematography company that produces high quality film and stills for a wide range of clients, ranging from automobile manufacturers to Hollywood film studios.

But wait, says the man with the TV announcer voice…

..there’s more.

Even the big boys need their toys. Might as well go ahead and admit it. And we’ve got some pretty cool ones. Start with the Red Dragon. Ultra-high resolution digital video with the highest quality lenses. Like having a kick-ass big-time movie camera in a much more manageable size. Hollywood quality at street level prices.

Even cooler is what we do with all of our expensive toys once they’re up there flying around (besides making our accountant extremely nervous, that is). Specially designed to carry feature film cameras with a minimum of vibration and perfect control (are you listening, Mr. Accountant Man?), our Aircam® Drones can soar over towns and villages, swoop low over cars and buildings, get great landscape aerials and fantastic rooftop close-ups, or whatever else your heart desires. So whether you’re interested in shooting a feature film, an advertising spot, or simply taking stunning aerial shots, the Aircam® brings entirely new creative possibilities within reach – thrilling clients and creatives alike.

And it’s way cool to play with.

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  • Director: Gilles Marchand
  • Prod. Co: LES FILMS DE FRANÇOISE / GötaFilm / Film i Väst
  • VOLVO - Human Made
  • Director: Joe Connor
  • DoP: John Strandh
  • Volvo Concept Truck
  • Prod. Co: Spoon
  • DoP: Andreas Nilsson
  • **SHOWREEL 2017**

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